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Photo: Tadashi Endo


I was produced as a work for permanent in the courtyard of Ichihara Lakeside Museum. This work was upside down image of the human alveoli. I use the title "Heigh-ho" is the word to use when the workers finished the job. Museum is place to come to when they are free. And it is very similar to the "Heigh-ho" for how to read the alveoli in Japanese”hai-ho”. This is also a pun. Alveoli is strange organs because related to the outside air. I wanted an attempt to obscure the inner and outer in this work. Courtyard of the museum is also a place connecting the internal and external.

作品タイトル/ Title:Heigh-ho

制作年/ Year:2013

素材/ Medium:アスミニウム、LED照明、ウレタン塗料、鉄、ステンレス/ Mixed media

サイズ/ Dimensions:本体 3.6m×3.6m×3.6m、レリーフ 20m×8m

市原湖畔美術館 常設設置作品/ chihara Lakeside Museum's permanent collection

千葉県市原市/ Chiba, Japan



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