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Cyojyamachi Dashi project


I have created a festival float (Japanese say Dashi) of Chojamachi-town. Old Dashi were lost in the Pacific War. After the war, the town has prospered as a wholesale district of cloth, but it is lost lively now. Townspeople are striving various and bring back to life the town. I thought giving the axis cultural to them by this Dashi. When it comes to October every year, townspeople comes into play for the Dashi festival. Dashi is moves by manpower. The cooperation of the people of the town was began that by joining forces.

作品タイトル/ Title:長者町山車プロジェクト/ Cyojyamachi Dashi project

制作年/ Year:2009-

愛知県名古屋市/ Aichi, Japa

展示出品歴 / Exhibitions:

作品タイトル/ Title:かたい山車/ Hard Dashi

制作年/ Year:2010-

素材/ Medium:檜、楠、桜、杉、鉄、ロープ、トタンなど/ Mixed media

サイズ/ Dimensions:5.5m×5.5m×2.4m

あいちトリエンナーレ2010(※2011年以降 ゑびす祭り実行委員会)/ Aichi Triennale 2010

愛知県名古屋市/ Aichi, Japan

ディレクター:建畠哲  キュレーター:吉田有里

作品タイトル/ Title:やわらかい山車/ Soft Dashi

制作年/ Year:2009

素材/ Medium:ミクストメディア/ Mixed media

長者町プロジェクト2009/ Chojamachi Project 2009

愛知県名古屋市/ Aichi, Japan

ディレクター:建畠哲  キュレーター:吉田有里


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